(1) Sample archives of dark red DANPY salts & intermediates prior to N-alkylation; (2) Two Liter distillation of dry DCE solvent for chromatography; (3) Schlenk line filtration in a 10 g batch of diphenyldiazomethane; (4) Long-wave UV visualization of DANPY column fractions showing a trace impurity (sky blue spot at lower Rf); (5) Short-wave UV absorbance / emission behavior in a Suzuki cross coupling used to build the DANPY nucleus; (6) Side lab instrumentation, including vacuum line mated with a Buchi rotavap, an Abderhalden drying pistol, and a Kugelrohr distillation apparatus; (7) Brittany Smolarski & Trevor Hougen at work in our Physical Chemistry laboratory; (8) Another beautiful sunset to the west of the Ahmanson Science Center; (9) Glovebox & solvent purification system in the Kingsbury lab; (10) Pure solutions of alkyl diazoalkanes.

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