The Kingsbury Laboratory

Studying Chemical Synthesis in the Department of Chemistry at California Lutheran University


In the Kingsbury lab, we use modern synthetic chemistry to design, develop, and then characterize molecules of clinical significance.  We have recently worked to prepare a new class of fluorescent dye molecules with affinity for DNA and RNA (chromophore solutions shown in photo). We welcome molecular biologists who wish to investigate their bioimaging and materials chemistry applications. We also continue a program that exploits the power of Sc-catalyzed diazoalkane–carbonyl homologation reactions in the total syntheses of natural products with congested quaternary carbon atoms.  The Kingsbury lab is further affiliated with a number of collaborative projects on campus, including work by Dr. Katherine Hoffmann and Dr. Chad Barber. We actively engage in training the next generation of young scientists and inspire them to pursue careers in STEM. Our research is supported by California Lutheran University’s Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship and a co-Investigator, National Science Foundation RUI (Research at Undergraduate Institution) grant that was awarded to the Hoffmann Laboratory in 2017.

Pure column chromatography fractions of dimethylaminonaphthylpyridinium iodide (DANPY-1) in dichloroethane/methanol.